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Resonant Spaces
Opening reception September 12th, 2023
Exhibition dates 9/12/23 - 10/7/23
at Material

Material 2025 West Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

For me to create this current work it helps to travel outside my home. Home is wonderful and should be explored but there is an excitement and a bit of wonder that comes from leaving your known. I am always noticing details and visually studying the world around me, translating spaces, and experiences that were in and are in public view. I make this work from sketches in the studio and at times using memory and feelings to recreate the space as well.

The work is large acrylic paintings on watercolor paper, panel or canvas. and tufted wall hangings, as well. The works in this series offer the viewer flat color and texture with a mix of emotion. In most aspects of the pieces are depicting real-life places I have traveled through and to. Many of the art pieces have emotional resonates tied to them that I share with the audience by, my titles and color palettes, laying warm purples with cool teals for an unsettling effect or the play with contrasts to be eye popping and hopefully jaw dropping.

Thank you to Jean Alexander Frater for the opportunity to share these works with you.

*Partially funded by a Part-time Faculty Development Grant from Columbia College Chicago