Exhibitions > Secret Garden

“Secret Garden”
2518 W. Iowa, Chicago, Illinois

Cocktail reception Sunday 6/23/24, 4-6pm

"Secret Garden" is installed at @ohklahomo on their Community Board this summer. Thank you to Mark Jeffery for inviting me to exhibit at Ohklahomo and make my piece.

From the Microscope is a series of work that is taken from the world around us and examined under a Microscope. This piece is of two samples collected and taken from the vegetation below where it currently hangs. In early May I came and collected samples to examine and sketched them out.

The piece is tufted by hand from yarns of wool, cotton and silk. The colors present are fairly true representations of the bright purples and browns that I believe to be pollen and the green blobs that seemed to be in the center of a fibrous strand.

"Secret Garden" was partially funded by Columbia College Part-time Faculty Grant and runs through the summer.